Frequently Asked Questions

Everyday, by phone and email, we are contacted by new Party Bus Atlanta customers wanting information about our services. We know that you're busy and you don't have a lot of time to spend on the phone, so we thought we'd put together a short list of the most frequently asked questions that Party Bus Atlanta customers ask!

The city I want to go to isn't listed on your site. Can we travel there?
Not necessarily! The cities on our service area page comprise the most frequent ones that we visit. We can often make an exception for you. Call or email to find out.

What about cities outside of Georgia?
At least for now, we travel in Georgia only. However, you can't go wrong with our friends! For more information, take a moment to look at this San Antonio Party Bus FAQ.

What if we keep the bus too long?
There's no such thing as too long! We won't charge you any extra fees for keeping the bus longer, even if it's an extra day longer than you planned! The same hourly rate applies for as long as you keep the bus, and since we split each hour into four segments, you don't pay for a full hour if you don't use a full hour. It's that simple.

Can we bring alcohol onto the party bus?
You bet! We have beautiful acrylic and granite bars on our buses, sometimes multiple ones on each vehicle, and they're made for this very purpose, complete with coolers, cups, and even lighting effects.

Can we smoke on the party bus?
We're sorry to our smoking customers, but we have a firm non-smoking policy to keep our buses fresh.

Do your buses all have the same features?
Certainly not. Each bus has its own unique decor scheme, as well as having different types of leather seating, built-in bars, flat-screen televisions, stereo systems, and entertainment features like stripper poles and dance platforms. We're certain that one of our buses has every feature that you need for your special night!

Are your party buses OK for all ages?
Parties that include alcohol require that all passengers are 21+ in age. If no alcohol is on board, passengers of all ages are more than welcome. We provide transportation for plenty of high school proms, sweet sixteen parties, and even children's birthday parties, since traveling in a party bus is so much safer than any other mode of transportation. It's a great option for parents and kids.