Tongue & Groove

Atlanta is well known for how fantastic it is to party at. People flock from all around the country to spend a week, or even move there permanently simply because of how fun of a place Atlanta is (especially in an Atlanta party bus). This is all for a very good reason because Atlanta has some of the most exciting hotels, lounges, comedy clubs, restaurants, and bars--but most of all, Atlanta has the most exciting night life in the entire country--even better than Vegas! Atlanta is peppered with fantastic night clubs and dance clubs, however one of the most beloved and premier night clubs in the Atlanta area is Tongue & Groove.

If you're looking for a place that perfectly blends glamour with a crowd that simply won't quit, then you don't have to look any further than the Tongue & Groove. It's important to dress to party, as you will more than likely be finding someone that you're interested in, among many other fun things in the Tongue & Groove! Tongue & Groove, located at 2420 Piedmont Road in Atlanta, GA, is one of the most recognizable night clubs in the state of Georgia. People come from far and wide just to spend an unforgettable evening within this 20-year old establishment.

Tongue & Groove, having undergone some major changes around 2008, has a great deal of features that would make anyone excited to attend an unforgettable night within it. They have a brand new, updated facility that sports 8600 square feet, and one that the owners are proud to say is bigger, better, and far more beautiful that it was before. Tongue & Groove has also been fitted with only the finest state-of-the-art sound systems that you will be pleasantly delighted in shaking your body to compulsively until you simply can't any longer.

They have two separate rooms that are home to completely different environments. The second room within Tongue & Groove has been named "The Joint." The Joint is has a more natural look with reclaimed wood along with up-cycled materials, and is intended for an alternative music format, and is mostly designed for private parties. This room can be a great opportunity to use in conjunction with a party bus party, as it will allow you to totally take control of the event and the music, allowing you to keep your party going no matter where you go.

The folks over at Tongue & Groove pride themselves on their ability to cater to an upscale Atlanta crowd who enjoy fashion, art, music, and, of course, a fantastic Atlanta night life. Tongue & Groove is in the heart of Midtown Atlanta just down the street from the Gold Room and XTC if you are in the mood to do some club hopping or just looking for a different vibe. T&G is a great club to hit when you are rolling deep with us in one of Party Bus Atlanta's many mobile party vehicles!